Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sticks and Stones.

Here's a re-creation of a pretty standard vent conversation. These are moments you should live for. You want to squeeze as much discomfort out of the individual as possible for the amusement of anyone else in the channel.

"Fuckin Maly bugged out on us during phase 2...fucker landed and started eating people. Gawd that was so gay. *realizes Dorn's in the channel* Err...the bad gay. Not the good gay. Fuck. You know what I mean Dorn."

Dorn: "No. I have no idea what you're talking about. Wtf is bad gay?"

Guildie: "You buttsecks bad."

Dorn: "What's wrong with that? Why is that necessarily bad?"

Guildie: "Umm...well..." *realizes any answer is prejudicial in nature* "Fuck."

Long ago I accepted the fact that the word "gay" has worked it's way into the vernacular used to denote a negative connotation. I'm totally cool with it. It's just a word. That doesn't mean I simply let the moment slide and neither should you!

Being openly gay gives you a golden fucking ticket...which grants access to more than just a "chocolate factory." You sir are a minority, and with that label comes the ability to use almost any racial/ethnic/religious/gender based slur you can think of. In a guild that has a strict zero tolerance policy for shit like that, I get away with murder. And why shouldn't I? Like I said they're just words...and It's a lot of fun!

(e-Hag edit: Dorn is so right. Not only does he get away with murder? But he gets props for it in his review at the end of the month. For serious.

.... lucky bastard.)

Try it out. I think you'll find that you get a free pass just like I do. In addition you'll develop a solidarity with the other minorities in the guild. Seek them out and you should find gaining acceptance is easy.

(Ask him about the time he uttered the phrase, "Sorry, we don't speak Darkie here," and didn't get flogged for it. It was amazing.)

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