Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brokeback Tournament.

I really like daily quests. There's something about them that really satisfies my OCD tendencies. So the first thing I did after the 3.1 dust settled was check out the new Argent Tournament. After taking a quick look around I came to the following conclusion: Jousting hasn't been this gay since Heath Ledger made that crappy movie. The first quest I find is from some goblin looking for a hand job.

My he looks eager. To tell the truth I've never jerked off a goblin...but I'll try anything once. After finishing him off and collecting my gold (does this make me a hooker?) I moved along to see who else needed a "helping hand." Next up was some dude QQing about his lost sword. Fucker wants me to fly to East Jesus and kiss a bunch of frogs until one turns into a princess and gives me the item in question. Right. Sounds like fun. When I finally got there I had to kiss (no lie) about 50 frogs. After about 15 frogs I was regretting picking this one up. Not only is the flight way the fuck out of the way, but after all this kissing I'm just gonna be face to face with some chick. I kept going however in the hopes that instead of a princess the game will sense my needs and deliver a prince.

Oh well...maybe tomorrow. Back to the tournament grounds I go. Now this is where life got interesting. You see, they gave me a lance...and this fuckin thing is huge. I couldn't keep questing because I had too much fun taking screen caps.

Wow...I mean...just wow. A guy can really drill a guy with that thing. Hmm...lets go find some bottom boy.

He'll do. Now lets see if I can get the positioning just right.

My night sort of degenerated from there. I'll have to get back to y'all on the rest of the tournament "action" when this lance business is no longer amusing.


  1. "when this lance business is no longer amusing"... never gonna happen

  2. @ Terciel inorite? I still can't get any dailies done...I just fly up there and pay with my lance >.>

  3. Great job on catching the shot just as the bird is squawking.