Saturday, April 18, 2009

LF1M Lesbian

It has come to my attention that "WoW... There are Homos Here!" is not living up to the full potential of it's name. Some readers have expressed interest in seeing more posts devoted to lesbians that play WoW. (Although I suspect these are just str8 guys trying to...idk what they're trying really...I never understood their fascination with the munchers.) After a little investigation I found out that lesbians are indeed part of the gay community. All this time I thought the "L" in "LGBT" stood for lascivious, and was simply an adjective for the "G." My bad. I'd be more than happy to include y'all here at W...TaHH (I need a better abbreviation I think) but I really don't think I'm the right fag for the job. Let me explain.

When I first moved to New Orleans from NY for school, one of my first encounters with the "community" was Southern Decadence. Basically it's the New Orleans version of a pride festival..but most simply call it Gay Mardi Gras. It was after a long night in the French Quarter for Decadence that a friend and I found ourselves at a 24 hour diner at about 3 a.m. The place was mobbed and management was putting groups of 2 together to fill up the 4 person tables. So my friend (think me but gayer) and I were sat with...wait for it...the 2 butchiest lesbians ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. I was scared. The only thing I knew about lesbians was the basic stereotypes and bits and pieces of information picked up from Jack McFarland.

It was just about the most awkward meal ever. One of the lesbians made fun of me for not finishing my food and it took all of my reserve to keep the snarky reply from exiting my lips. If I hadn't I prolly would have exited the restaurant through the window.

So I need help. I need an honest to goodness lesbian to join the team here and blog about lesbians that play WoW. If you (or someone you know) have a closet full of flannel, a house full of cats and more than 1 pair of birkenstocks and plays WoW and can "bring the funny" here at W... TaHH, contact me at with a sample post about our favorite lesbo commune in Azeroth, the Brunnhildar.

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  1. Never thought about Brunnhildar... but yeah.