Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dalaran -- The Gay Mecca of Northrend

Is there any doubt in your mind? A city floating in the clouds. This place is gayer than Silvermoon and that's pretty impressive. The Kirin Tor are obviously a very progressive people. How else can you explain the abundance of GLBT (e-Hag edit: You forgot "Q"!) stores and establishments?

Dalaran has it's very own sex toy store:

Not one, but two S&M "equipment" vendors:

(e-Hag edit: Hey, wait.. I am in those stores a lot! What are you trying to imply here..? Its not my fault Druids wear lots of leather!)

We can't very well leave out the munchers can we? Two lesbian bars coming right up:

And of course my favorite hang out of all:

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