Friday, April 10, 2009

Scaring the crap outa homophobes.

For Bobby Joe Smith who raids with you on his DPS warrior from his double-wide trailer in Lynchville, Mississippi; you are likely the first queermosexual he has ever come in contact with. You would be doing him a great disservice if you didn't live up to each and every stereotype he and his friends at middle school have talked about at great length. Actually this is a perfect opportunity to exceed expectations.

The trick here is to be funny but not too creepy. Or so ridiculously creepy that it's clearly a joke. The middle ground is the kind of no-man's land you want to avoid...otherwise Chris Hansen shows up at your front door with the camera crew and like 50 pages of guild chat screen shots. Next thing you know you're posting on the guild forum something like "AFK jail...bbl." As much fun as that sounds (whoops I dropped the soap) it's something to probably avoid. Finding this line has a lot to do with the dichotomy that exists in the guild between the aforementioned Bobby Joe and the more enlightened members. Chances are there's a decent spread of humanity in the guild and your humor will be appreciated. If this is the case, make yourself a "Days Until Bobby Joe is Legal" countdown. Announce the days left every time you log on.

On the other hand if the guild consists of Bobby Joe, Dwayne Robert, Bubba, Billy Gene, etc. you're gonna have a problem...and likely a /gkick. But wtf were you doing in that guild anyway? I mean seriously. They better be doing successful Immortal runs every reset. Fuck that achievement...right in the vag.

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