Friday, April 10, 2009

How about just the tip?

While certain aspects of Azeroth are blatantly homosexual, I feel others are completely ignorant of the situation. The Kalu'ak can be classified as the latter. Specifically one of their quest givers, Anuniaq, who I have renamed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

From the sounds of things Mahmoud has a bigger problem on his hands than he thinks. It's clear Big Roy (I'm just gonna leave that joke alone) was the only str8 sea lion bull around.

"But Dorn, animals aren't gay." Check this shit out and stfu. The remaining bulls are raging mo's. End of story. If you need to be lured with food repeatedly to fuck a girl in the hopes of having a kid you're gayer than a bag of dicks.

While attempting to explain the situation to Mr. Ahmadinejad he simply shook his head and said, "My people have 20 words for the sea, but we have none to describe your behavior." So basically he called me a fag. Ain't the first time, so whatever. I'm a nice guy and don't want these walrus fucks to starve so I ventured out to obtain some proof. Surely when presented with evidence of bull on bull sea lion action Mahmoud will accept reality and work on a new solution.

Things did not go exactly as planned. Maybe performance anxiety. Maybe some sort of "Little Roy" complex. Still not really sure. But that's what happens when you work with animals, they're so unpredictable! I gave it the good college try but eventually gave up. Maybe I'll pop back tomorrow and try again.


  1. No comments on this blog at all?

    None? Anywhere? Seriously?

    This stuff is hilarious, and even if it weren't, I'd still give ten extra points for using "Ahmadinejad" and "quest" in the same sentence. That's right, ten. Don't spend them all in one place.

  2. Hey Sarg! Thanks for stopping by. Umm...let's see...I'd like to spend 2 points on the phone number of one of your gay minions >.>

  3. I bet he could hook you up with Kael, if you asked real nice..

  4. I'd fuck Kael, and I'm straight.

  5. We don't need a blog to know you are queer, you do play on an RP server after all.

  6. This is true...almost as many fags on RP realms as on the PvP ones.

  7. No dissin' the RP realms! Nor the fags on them.

    *shifty eyes*

    Oh, and you and Sarg jointly make my day very, very often.