Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey, that was my egg!

So there I was...doing some 2v2 like I had planned and all of the sudden I look up and read guild chat. I sort of did a double take.

Umm...huh? Wtf is going on here? Oh, it's Noblegarden. I had totally forgot...which is surprising cause I knew there was going to be plenty of material for the blog coming out of this holiday. Little did I know that I had horribly underestimated the homosexual nature of this event. On my way over to Brill I ran into a guildie.

Holy shit! That's gayer than me at a Macy*s 1 day sale. Just as I was beginning to think how I was going to put my thoughts into words to place here, Lokrash pretty much summed it up.

Wow...just...yeah. Then and there I decided I simply had to get one of these outfits so I continued on to Brill to get some eggs. As I strolled on into the town I began to realize that everyone had LOST THEIR GODDAMN MINDS! There are rabbits everywhere...some are players, some are critters, and some are fucking each other...right there in front of me. But there aren't any eggs. Why? They're being spawn camped, that's why. And what happens when someone "ninjas" an egg some one's camping? General chat gets hi-fucking-larious. I could go on and on, but I gotta get back in game...this shit is gonna give me blog material for months.

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