Friday, April 17, 2009

Silence is (for now) golden.

Today was the National Day of Silence. Now I'm not usually one to get all fuckin preachy and shit over stuff like this, but truth be told this particular issue hits kind of close to I'm sure it does with any of you queens that went to high school. So keep up the good fight young gay dudes! (and call me when you turn 18)

And keeping with the PSA theme...

I explained earlier that part of your job as the guild homo was to make for the awkward lulz on vent during raids. Although in general this policy is still in effect, we might want to tone it down for the next little bit while learning new content. With Naxx being easy mode almost right from the beginning it was no problem to shit out on vent anything even remotely gay the second you thought of it without regard for what exactly was going on in game. Now that stuff is...ya know...kinda hard, it's prolly best to keep the majority of the lulz off vent and in /raid chat lest you become the victim of a hate crime. Nothing is more annoying than hearing some fairy talk about "bum bots" (what I renamed Deconstructor's adds...I'm so clever) in the middle of learning attempts.

Christ, serious post is serious...back to your regularly scheduled faggotry tomorrow.

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