Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Luke, I am your guildie.

I thought that my experiences in regards to being openly gay in a raiding guild were pretty much par for the course. There's never been a time when I have felt discriminated against or "hated on" more or less than any other person in the guild regardless of sexual orientation. I guess I figured that the "upper end progression raiding guilds" were pretty similar to mine and all you fags were having a fabulous time fucking with your guildies and providing the lulz in a hater free zone. The limited contact (too limited imo) I've had with other gay WoW players has been consistent with this theory up until now. It has come to my attention that this assumption is incorrect. The WoW forums over at Gay Gamer are rife with descriptions of homophobic guild situations that people feel they are stuck in if they want to see end game content.

It seems like there are two options when faced with this situation if you want to continue to raid. 1) Find a new guild and stay in the closet, or 2) Join up with an LGBT guild that raids. Option 1 is kinda lame and option 2 does not sound like fun to me. (although I bet vent and /gchat can get interesting from time to time)

The reason I bring all this up is because I was getting a little frustrated with my own guild. Nothing horrible, I was just getting annoyed that everything I say first gets taken as a gay joke whether I'm being serious or not.

Fair enough I guess...prolly shoulda chosen my words a little better. And it was the e-Hag that made the joke, a right she earned through her e-Hagness. And I've brought this type of response on myself. (I can and often do turn just about anything into a sex joke)

I just don't feel right QQing about this when there's people out there that would love to be in my e-shoes. (or maybe e-pants?) To show my support for these poor unfortunate souls I'm gonna tone it down a bit. Not too much. On a scale of 1 -> gay I'm gonna shoot for about a 7. If you're wondering, this is what a 10 looks like:

So out of respect for those that want to "let their freak flag fly" but feel like they can't I, Dornilust, will be less flamboyant. I wonder how long this will last...


  1. My guild is (generally) cool about it. There was one member that was not and openly criticized me and a fellow guildie (and RL friend) about it. He was promptly kicked out and a conversation ensued among the survivors that included the phrase "He treated you guys like you were baby eaters." ^_^ Since then, we've been lovingly given the guild rank "Baby Eater."

  2. @ Myssidia It's better than "Cock Gobbler." My guildies insist on calling me a "Vagina Bear" they think it's hilarious...I still haven't found the humor in it.

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  4. I never noticed anyone calling DORN a Vagina Bear, either. Most of the time, it's just said, kinda like poop. Usually if it's used AT anyone, I've always heard it at Sharkie.

    -- Jov