Friday, April 17, 2009


First off, a big thank you to Sargeras for baring his soul here for us yesterday. It takes a brave man to admit his unsavory desires. I was however a little disappointed he didn't take his confession to the next logical step. I'm not typically one to out a guy, but he's gonna destroy us all what is there to lose? Not only is Sarge a planetphile, but a gay one at that. How do I know this? Cause Azeroth is a dude...and I got the pictures to prove it. There are dicks all over this place. Everywhere. Just take a look around and you'll see you can't take 5 steps without a cock and balls in the face.

So...yeah. All over the place, and there's plenty more where that came from. So now you're thinking, "But Dorn! Just because the place has phallic shaped objects all over it doesn't make a guy that has sex with it (still trying to wrap my mind around this one) a homo. Well lets take this out of planet sized proportions so that our mere mortal minds can comprehend. Would a dude be gay if he were to have relations with:

I rest my case.


  1. Congratulations...with that last picture, you've done the impossible: made my post seem less disturbing by comparison.

    I'm gonna go ahead and just not sleep tonight, thanks.

  2. wtf

    Okay, I know you've been saving up the "Penis' of Warcraft" screenshots for a while, now... But that last picture is TRULY disturbing.

    -- Jov

  3. You know, your collection almost makes the water tower in my home-town seem a little less dramatically phallic.
    A little.


  4. You can thank me for the last pic. >.>

    Found it on Last Resorts guild forums, and though.. "You know what? Dorn would want one of these for his boy friend."

    Or something like that.

  5. @ Kerp -- Gee. Thanks.

    @ Jaixa -- um, wow. That's... impressive.

    -- Jov