Monday, April 13, 2009

All flasked up and nowhere to go.

After we had some Immortal fail in Naxx tonight, I got rotated out cause there ain't shit else I need. So I did what 90% of raiders do when it's raid time and you're not in with the gang, hung out in Dalaran. First I went to a real laid back gay bar. It's somewhere where everybody knows your name (I get 10 points for not making the obvious "and they're always glad you came" joke...err...fuck) The Legerdemain Lounge.

When chilling here I usually put on the "My Crotch has a 5-man Quest" tabard and see who stops over for some fun. Alas no takers tonight. Not to worry though, this is hardly the only haunt in town where there's fun to be had...but the others have a strict dress code. I started to head over to the bank to get my other clothes and hit pay dirt.

An afk guildie! They are perfect for a "pre-night on the town" blow job. Before you start freaking out...I know the toon is a girl. What you don't know is that the person behind the toon is a 17-year old boy. Legal in most states is good enough for me. Besides, head is head. Joking aside Kerp usually takes the brunt of my str8 bashing in game and was even my 2's partner for awhile. (take that as you will) If y'all are ever really bored, make a lvl 1 Horde alt on Scarlet Crusade and shoot him a whisper. Remember to cram in as much sexual innuendo as possible and tell him Dorn sent ya. After applying some "product" to Kerp's hair I collected my outfit and put it on.

Here I am sporting a very stylish Festive teal pant suit on the balcony of my favorite gay bar, The Purple Parlor. You can't tell from this picture but the teal really brings out my eyes. After building up my courage I decide it's time to head inside and see if there's any cute guys worth hitting on.

I'm not really into pointy hats or bald guys, but these outfits were just too good not to go over and say hello. Someday I should really strap a peacock to my back (no jokes please) so I can look as awesome as the guy in the middle. I think I'm gonna hang here for the rest of the night and see if I can get lucky. Y'all should definitely invest in a cute outfit to wear around town. You never know who you might meet! At the very least, get a poncho.


  1. I think it's important that as many bloggers as possible get people to make a level 1 alt and whisper Kerp.

    Also, stay away from my man!

  2. I hate you all so much.

    Except you, Zaltu.

  3. Ok honestly I have to say that little poncho thing at the end of your post made my day! :)


  5. "My Crotch has a 5-man Quest"