Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh dear Hodir, where's your spear?

Shortly after hitting 80 I remember beginning the grind for exalted Son's of Hodir rep. It was long and painful, like most rep grinds are, but I didn't completely mind it because of the nature of the quests. During the course of these dailies you got to polish the helm, blow the horn and thrust the spear. Someone at Blizzard clearly was expressing their sense of humor (dick jokes) when he or she came up with these quest names. Enter patch 3.1 and the introduction of Ulduar. Smack dab in the middle of the instance is Hodir himself! I was super excited to get a look at this guy seeing as I've been playing with his junk for the last couple months. Imagine my dismay/shock/outrage when I finally got a look at him last night for the first time.

Where's the helm? No fuckin horn to blow. And there sure as shit isn't a spear. This guy's got a skull right where his junk should be and it looks exactly like a vagina. (Note the gaping hole and teeth.) Was I the only one expecting Hodir to be hung like a fucking horse? Shit, even if he was holding a spear I woulda been happy. I don't know...I guess I just feel a little mislead.


  1. (Note the gaping hole and teeth.)

    That quote right there made my day!

  2. wtf, you've been handling his junk in Dun Neffelim for a few months, you KNOW he doesn't have it on him!

    -- Jov

  3. XD ZOMG. In love with your blog.

  4. @ Jeremiah + Dynamgapieunaeij Vag jokes are my soecialty :)

    @ Jov Idk guess I figured the junk in Dun Neffelim was like smaller representations of actual junk

    @ Myssidia XD ZOMG would be in love with you if you had a penis!!!!

  5. =p Remember your simple arithmetic... belf + healer = ?????

  6. @ Myssidia Oh Snap! Another homo! *sexy voice* How you doin?