Monday, May 11, 2009

Some people are weird.

Hey folks, this post is not directed at an overwhelming majority of you. Of the thousands of visitors I've gotten on this blog this post is meant for 14 of you (although I suppose it's possible the culprit is just 1 person) What's got my panties in a bunch? Take a look at the search phrases people are using to get to my site.

What the fuck. Srsly? What the fuck. I just...yeah idk.

vagina flag: Vagina's don't have least I don't think they do. Even if they did, you sure as shit wouldn't find it on my site.

things that look like vagina: Fair enough I guess. Kinda walked into that one.

hidden objects in vaginas: Sounds like a fun game...NOT!

vagina close up spread: For a gay man's blog I'm getting way too much vag traffic.

assorted horse perversions: I didn't even mention the word horse. I'm sorry those searches brought you here. Y'all definitely didn't find what you were looking for.

wow blogs lesbian: They don't exist...I've tried looking already.

get a good reach around: Let me know when ya find one please.

vagina during labour real photo: No thank you.

guy sticks head in vagina: An interesting idea. This may grant a better understanding of the beast.

warcraft payers going to hell: found me :) Welcome!


  1. *headdesk* This is my first time commenting here. This made me laugh and wonder what kind of other people find this place, so I had to comment. I don't understand a) how some of these could lead to your blog and b) who the hell searchs them. *shakes her head in disbelief*

  2. And just think, you probably bumped yourself up in the search results for horse pussy, congratz!

  3. @Eyra While your points A and B are interesting indeed...I'm more shocked that c) they actually clicked through >.>

    @Arioch yeah...that was actually my intent. Obviously there's a market for equine twat and I'm willing to do (almost) anything to expand my readership.

  4. "equine twat"

    I just about lost it. Must find a way to use that in a conversation...

  5. I'm laughing so hard right now I can hardly type a coherent sentence.