Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stop objectifying me...but not really.

Yesterday, WoWInsider's "The Daily Quest" (when they gonna link me? QQ) had a link up to an article in response to the "These bunny ears are objectifying me blah blah fucking blah," argument currently circulating the WoW blogosphere. I got a few emails from y'all wanting me to hop on over to the site and wander into the fray of comments. I guess the thought is that I would have something to say on this issue. Hate to disappoint...ya thought wrong. I couldn't fucking care less. Srsly, I have enough to worry about in the "is this fair/right/ok" area of real life to really give a shit about whether people are getting offended in virtual worlds. If you don't like it, log the fuck off.

The real reason I didn't get into it however is that really I'm just here for the dick jokes...and an occasional vagina reference. Some people take this internet thing way too seriously...shoot me if I become one of them.

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  1. "Some people take this internet thing way too seriously."

    this ^^^^