Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Queer eye for the WoW guy -- Interior Design

Is your apartment looking a little bleh? Need to gay it up a notch? Here are some helpful tips taken from our favorite gay city in the clouds.

Get a fuck couch. Not only is it stylish and blatantly homosexual, the chaise lounge is a wondrous piece of furniture that gives back support for almost every gay sex position.

Before using the chaise lounge for "gross out the downstairs neighbors" time, slip into something a little more comfortable behind your....BRAND NEW DRESSING SCREEN!! *audience gasps and claps* For maximum effect make sure to drape whatever you just took off over the top of the screen. (Gaydar note: one of these in a "straight" guy's place is a dead giveaway)

If fucking in the living room isn't your cup of tea, your obvious choice is in the car bedroom. Tasteful additions to this room are cute little throw pillows and phallic bed posts.

Invest in a display case for your dildo collection. In addition to letting your partner make the perfect informed decision, it shows the world (or at least those that come to your bedroom...ok so I was right the first time) that you're not ashamed of what you're willing to put up their ass.

If you have a four poster bed, get yourself a sparkly fabric as decoration. It doesn't get much fucking gayer than sparkles.

If all else fails...a floating gay pride symbol right in your foyer should get the job done.

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