Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm a lazy queen Dorn...educate me please!

Well it's that time again...there's a new major content patch on the PTRs. For those lazy bitches that don't like to read patch notes, I'll point out the homocentric changes for you:

Northrend Children's Week has arrived in Dalaran! Players can find out more by visiting the Eventide District.

  • That's right! Time to stock up on candy and clean out the van...we get to corrupt the youngins again.

Chains of Ice: Now reduces movement by 95% instead of 100%.
  • Only 5% less gay than the old version. Think Elton John instead of Richard Simmons.
Ominous Clouds in the Yogg-Saron encounter are now more vocal about touching players.

Look for another edition of Dorn's Big Gay Mailbox sometime mid week. There's still time to submit your questions! Ask anything and everything...send to

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  1. Oh no! Over 2 months since an update! Where oh where could Dorn be??? :(