Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be there or be...straight.

I'm not usually a "pride parade" kind of homo...but this sounds like a lot of fun! I'm gonna roll an alt horde side on Proudmoore and join in the festivities. Who else is gonna join me?

From Bigheadben on the forums:

If you make an alt on Proudmoore to participate on the morning of Saturday June 20th, look for KRIMON on hordeside for an invite to our guest guild (Tainter for Today) . Hope to see tons of guests and happy pride month to all!


  1. You've probably/possibly seen this already, but just in case...

    Someone did a video of the Proudmoore Pride Parade.

    -- Jov

  2. It's a little late, but here are some pics from the Coilfang pride parade. We don't have an excessive amount of gay gamers on the server, but it was a pretty good turnout, and we picked up some strangers to march with us along the way, which was funny.